SKM Govt Running On Lie-filled Politics: Chamling

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Former Chief Minister Pawan Chamling has accused the ruling SKM of running the government on the basis of lies and a mandatory election conspiracy.

“Lies and liars are ruling the roost in Sikkim these days,” the SDF president said in his regular Sunday press statement. The State is being led by the biggest liar. The lies are being spread by other liars. Those who question the biggest liar’s lies are being threatened by the biggest liar’s team. “It’s all lies, lies, and more lies.”

Chamling claimed that the ruling party is now being questioned by the public about the promises made in the election manifesto that have yet to be fulfilled. “The dozens of lies in their election manifesto and speeches have begun to haunt them. But these scumbag SKM leaders aren’t ready to be reminded of their lofty promises, much less follow through on them. They’ve become irritated by their own lies.”

“Thankfully, a large number of young Sikkimese people have begun to ask the SKM chief and his party to respond to the 100-day lies. “More power to the youth and others who are demanding that this lying government face its shame,” said the former Chief Minister.

The ruling SKM, according to Chamling, has “redefined politics by using lies as the most important political agenda to win elections.” He believes that any lie can be used to deceive innocent people. Stone pelting, threats, press conferences, and bribing those willing to take a bribe can all be used to protect lies, he added.

“The biggest liar is the most qualified candidate for the position of Chief Minister.” “The Chief Minister needs a team to plot, intimidate, and bully innocent people and exploit their vulnerability,” the SDF president said.

“However, inform them that their lies are having long-term negative consequences for Sikkim and its culture.” They’re cultivating a culture of lying and deception. The degree of trust has dwindled. Being a liar has become synonymous with intelligence. “As long as you can use lies to succeed, you can speak lies,” Chamling said. “Lies can triumph,” “Liars can make great leaders,” “Press Conferences are the art of speaking lies to journalists,” “We can speak lies as much as we want, but we must have the courage to face the people without feeling ashamed.”

“Sikkim’s image as a land of truthful and peace-loving people is fading. In Sikkim, lies will be justified and glorified if this liar government does not repent of their gross lies and false promises. Our streets, villages, and towns will soon be overrun with liars who will swindle, cheat, and deceive one another. From the top, the lies must be removed. Imagine the state of the rest when the Chief Minister is the smartest liar,” the SDF president said in a press statement.

Chamling claimed that the SKM government was inaugurated with the “Tyo Malai Thaha Bhayena” liar mantra.

“On the very first day their government entered the Sikkim Legislative Assembly, they made a mockery of it by using hired goons to heckle me right inside the House, and two minutes later the great liar CM said to the media, “Tyo Malai Thaha Bhyena.” Is there anyone in the universe who is a bigger liar than him? So this government was founded on lies, inaugurated on lies, and is still operating on lies,” he explained.

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