Tripura : Section 144 imposed in Kanchanpur

In Kanchanpur, North Tripura district, section 144 has been imposed after a water supply operator was attacked by Bru refugees.
When Subal Dey went to switch on the water supply which was near the BBC Bazar, he was brutally assaulted by Bru refugees on Tuesday.
He was later moved to the North Tripura District hospital at Dharmanagar after locals took him to the nearest hospital.
After a gang of Bru refugees took aggressive action against people in West Laxmipur and Laxmipur villages on Tuesday, a tense state rose in Kanchanpur since then.
Many houses were vandalized and belongings were stolen from them.
Around 75 Bengali families took shelter at the nearby Dashda School on Tuesday night.
The Joint Movement Committee (JMC) had called for
An indefinite strike has been called by the Joint Movement Committee (JMC) from November 16 against restoration of the Bru refugees in Kanchanpur.
The JMC is a platform for local Bengalis and Mizos.
Kanchanpur sub-divisional police officer, Bikramjit Shukla Das informed that
An investigation into the incident is being carried out by the police and the troublemakers will soon be arrested, informed Bikramjit Shukla Das, Kanchanpur sub-divisional police officer.
A person of West Laxmipur village said, “On Tuesday evening some miscreants attacked people in our village and snatched cattle and other things from us”.