5 Signs she wants to sleep with you tonight : Get the D !

You like her, you’ve been flirting with her all night, and you think she likes you back.
Find out whether she wants the D before making a move to prevent making a mistake. (wants signs sleep)


When you think about a woman wanting your “D,” most of the time you equate that to your dick. Makes sense, it’s not rocket science. However, the “D” stands for more than just that. If you want to be sure that she wants the D, in every way, you have to read the signs very carefully indeed. (wants signs sleep)

Let’s look at it metaphorically. What she wants isn’t necessarily your penis. For sure, it’s a bonus, but she wants your masculine energy, which is what is drawing her attention.

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If she really just wanted only the “D” then you could basically stand with your pants down to your ankles and let the ladies admire what you have and decide if they want the “D” or not.

Why it’s important to properly read the signs she wants the D

Why is it so important to be sure? Well, you don’t want to make a pretty serious move on someone, especially a sexually charged one, if you’re not sure you’re on the same page.

In the best-case scenario, she laughs at you and walks away. In the worst case? You seriously offend her. Neither are particularly great outcomes.

That’s why you need to learn body language and spot the signs that she’s deep into your male energy and wants to head home and explore it. If you have any doubt, you shouldn’t make that move. Seriously, save yourself the embarrassment and her the upset.

How to know for sure that she wants the D

Before you go chasing her around the club, you need to see if she’s interested in you. Women aren’t just about the physical, so even if she wants your dick, you are going to have to work for it. But here are some telltale signs that she wants the D.

1. She tells you so

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This is possibly the easiest and best thing that could ever happen. If she comes up to you and tells you she wants to go home with you, well, you don’t need to decode anything. She’s demystified everything right away.

2. She asks you if you live alone

wants signs sleep

Yeah, she’s seeing if you have roommates or live at home with your mom. But why would she ask that? To see if it’s safe to go over to your place, silly – because she wants the D.

3. She can’t look at you without smiling

wants signs sleep

If she’s constantly smiling around you, it’s a good sign that she’s feeling positive and enjoying herself. If she’s flirting with you and is all smiles, then most likely she wants the D. But, don’t take a few polite smiles as confirmation. You need to see a few other signs before you make a solid decision.

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4. She suggests a place you two should go to

wants signs sleep

“We should totally try that new restaurant out.” Aww, she said “we.” That’s cute.

It’s also a good sign that she’s interested in you. She wouldn’t say that unless she actually wanted to go out with you. If you can tick that box off, perhaps she will want more afterward?

6. She texts you at night


Women like their beauty sleep. However, if she’s texting you after midnight, she’s thinking of you in a different context. You know… a sexual context. However, don’t start sexting her. Let her open that topic up and then see where it goes from there.

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