Amusing Books that will make your child go “wow” !!

1.President Taft is stuck in The Bath

William H. Taft is every child’s favorite U.S. President. Or, at least, he becomes their favorite president once they hear the urban legend that, because he was so hefty, Taft actually once got stuck in a White House bathtub. Barnett and Van Dusen turn Taft’s woes into a laugh-out-loud comic caper with the whole government doing their best (and failing) to get the poor president unstuck. (Ideal post-bath-time reading material.)

2.Lion Lessons

It’s common knowledge that there are seven steps to becoming a lion. (You didn’t know? Where have you been?) When a rather sheepish boy decides to train with a Lion Expert — that is, a lion — he’s put through his paces: Looking Fierce, Prowling Around, Roaring, Blowing Out That Luxurious Mane, and the like. Kids will love earning their own stripes (or roars?) with the ultimate knowledge that Looking Out for Your Friends is the bravest step of all.

3.The Bear Ate your Sabdwich

The cover alone is enough to get young readers laughing about this one. Listen, your sandwich is gone — a bear ate it! It was definitely a bear. No doubt about it, 100% a bear. The hilarious story of the bear’s journey to said sandwich is so absorbing, your kids won’t start wondering about a duplicitous narrator until the unexpected, uproarious end.

4. I Don’t Want to be a Frog

We all have a minor identity crisis at some point, right? For this young frog, that crisis is happening now, and it is SERIOUS. Why can’t he be a cat? A unicorn? The next Frank Sinatra? (Okay, maybe I’m getting a little carried away.) In an earnest and enlightening conversation with his father, Frog learns a thing or two about self-acceptance, while kids enjoy one comic good time

By-Monalisha Gogoi.