Common Sex Ideas that are myth.

Most of us have grown up knowing about sex from our classmates, magazines, books and the internet. In fact, for most of us, the internet is the best place to look for answers. This hub of information can be quite resourceful but can misdirect you as well. Most of us enjoy learning about sex since it’s deemed to be an enjoyable, natural phenomenon but many still live under false pretexts of sex. So, we have rounded up a few false ideas that people have about sex and tried to evaluate the same as well.

The first time hurts a lot

This is a traditional tale passed down from generations that it’s undeniably going to hurt tons the first time a woman has sex. It maybe true for some, but it’s safe to say that women don’t have to experience painful sex if they are properly lubricated or aroused. You see, proper lubrication and sexual arousal are very important for a woman because it’ll help reduce the extreme pain that a woman faces the first time during sex. Some may have a slightly painful experience while others may actually enjoy it.

You can’t change your mind once you’ve agreed

Consent between partners always been the most important part of sex. We need to stress on this that, even midway of sex, you can definitely change your mind and ask your partner to stop. It doesn’t matter how turned on they were, once you change your mind and stay stop, your partner has to respect that. Due to varying reasons like you’re under the weather or it’s just uncomfortable, you can tell them to stop immediately.

Either a ‘slut’ or a ‘prude’

Labels never stop, especially when it’s related to sex. Women especially are called names when they decide to have sex earlier or before their marriage. This very negative connotation of a word shames women of having sex and makes them believe that their virginity decides their respect. On the other hand, people who do not have sex and are by choice have remained a virgin, have been called ‘prude’. Well, it’s their choice as to when they feel comfortable to have sex and with whom. People have no right to degrade or call out others based on their sex choices.

‘Too much sex means a loose vagina’

First of all, if one has lots of sex, why is it a bad idea? This is a natural urge that humans feel and it’s wrong to assume such a blatant disrespectful thing. Sex can increase body functionality and improve health conditions and keep your hormones happy. Also, even if your vagina gets loose after sex, then it shouldn’t be a problem. Vaginas are elastic muscles that contract and expand to facilitate comfortable sex. Vaginas also get loose due to childbirth, but this doesn’t mean that we disdain such an idea.

You can’t get STI if you use protection

It is advisable to always use condoms to prevent unwanted pregnancies and something that we all are war of-sexually transmitted diseases (STDs). This is absolutely true. However, one must always exercise caution that there can always be that 1% possibility of catching sexually transmitted infections (STIs) that spread through skin-to-skin contact. The American Sexual Health Association stated that condoms are less effective in spreading STIs like Herpes and HPV.

Men crave sex more than women

This idea is completely sexist and not true. We strongly stand by the fact that men and women equally get attracted to having sex. This kind of thinking portrays men as hungry sex-craving predators who cannot stop when they are needed to. Many women, on the other hand, have reported that they would love to have sex more often than they do currently and it’s no surprise that women and men alike have high sex drives.