Companies that are hiring inspite of Coronavirus Crisis

No matter what economy we’re in, one thing is always certain: there ARE still companies hiring…some are even increasing their need for new employees. For example, your customer service skills at a hotel can transition to online customer support. Or your role as a data analyst at a startup could look identical to that of a healthcare agency in need of immediate support. Here are four businesses and industries currently hiring in the midst of the coronavirus crisis.

1. Pharmacies.

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Health is a priority now more than ever, and with 44% of Americans today taking at least one prescription medication, and 17% taking three or more, pharmacies are far from closing their doors. In fact, the influx in health as a priority has sent pharmacies and health companies into a new wave of needed support.


2. Teleworking Software.

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Telecommunication has been on a steady incline, with remote work increasing 44% over the last 5 years.  As more states practice safety at home and social distancing, companies have transitioned fully to remote work.  In order to successfully enforce a work remote culture, employees need a broader reach through video conferences, online meetings, chat, and mobile collaboration services. This means telecommunication has been on a steep and sudden incline with teleworking software as the foundation for this workplace model’s success. Here are some companies that are hiring:

  • Zoom just added openings on almost all of their teams including technical support, engineering, finance, and customer care.
  • Slack just added hundreds of openings to their accounting, customer service, and sales teams.


3. Grocery stores.

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The shopping markets have quickly transformed from the unavoidable errand people have on their to-do lists to the only outing throughout the quarantine. Large grocers are stepping forward with a need for swift and high headcount.

Don’t pass this off too quickly, these aren’t the only roles for bagging groceries. Supermarkets are looking for support from stocking shelves all the way to managing supply chain logistics, handling public relations, and software development engineering. There is work to had!

4. Tech Support.

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With physical call centers and operation centers closing down, companies are left with the need for agents to still take customer and technical support calls. Especially with the increase in remote work, more people than ever need support with setting up and pairing devices or troubleshooting errors.  Because let’s be honest, not everyone is a smart user with their smart devices… and now everyone is stuck in their house trying to figure their technology out ASAP.


Remember, it isn’t necessarily where you are working, but what you are doing that counts.  Spend some time searching for roles that fit within your core skill set.  I worked with my client Jessica to find two roles that fit her customer service background and she already has virtual interviews lined up.  Although they aren’t for hotels, she has found a way to apply and grow her core skill set and work full time.

Be diligent on your job hunt and look beyond the industry to see what rolls can grow your skills.  Don’t let a down market stop your career growth.

Article by :Ashley Stahl