Couples open up their sex life problems after marriage ! Read them here

Many individuals believe that sex is only about pleasure and romance. In reality, though, sex has the ability to destroy a relationship. Yes, you read that correctly. Marriage does not guarantee a healthy sex life, whether it is a love marriage or an arranged marriage, and it can be difficult for many ‘happily married’ couples to be sexually compatible with one other. We got in touch with married people from different walks of life and asked them about the struggles in their sex life. Here’s what they said…


She uses it as a weapon

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I have been happily married for three years. The one thing that bothers me about our sex life is that my wife uses sex as a weapon to punish me. If she is upset, just because I have forgotten to buy some grocery or call the plumber, she punishes me by not having sex for the next few days. I don’t know when she developed this habit, and we always end up fighting due to this.”

He is irresponsible

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“My husband considers ‘pulling out’ as a safe practice and does not like using a condom during sex. In fact, he feels condoms ruin our pleasure level as there is no direct skin contact. He discourages me from using other contraceptive methods and we have been fighting over this issue for the past four months. I never thought I will have to explain the importance of using protection after marriage.

Porn is an issue

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We have had this issue since the first day of our married life. My husband enjoys watching porn, and it seems he is addicted to it. He watches it even when we are having sex or are about to have it. Once we had a big fight on this and he confessed that he only gets turned on after watching porn. This thing has started irritating me to the core now. I do not feel like making out with him anymore

He is always tired

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My husband’s job is very demanding, and he returns home late from office most of the times. As a result, he is always tired and crashes on bed immediately after dinner. I am sex-starved since a year and I have been struggling to resolve this issue. He is working hard to improve our standard of living. I want to be a supportive wife, and not a selfish life partner

Our libidos don’t match

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My partner and I have been married for eight months now, and I have discovered that our libidos don’t match. My husband enjoys having sex twice a day but I cannot keep up with his sex drive. In fact, I am happy having sex once in two days. I have not shared this with him yet because we are newly married. But soon, I will have to confess that I do not enjoy having sex as frequently as he does.


We have different preferences

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We had an arranged marriage and never imagined sex would be a struggle for us. My husband and I have completely different sexual preferences. He enjoys kinky stuff like bondage, role-playing, et al, but I am not a fan of these. He likes to have rough sex, and I prefer sleeping in another room whenever he drops hints about his plans.

Foreplay matters

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My husband does not enjoy foreplay, and this issue is silently killing our sex life. I have tried explaining to him that I do not get naturally lubricated and hence, sex is sometimes painful for me. He keeps it in mind to give more time to foreplay for the next few sessions, but returns to the same old routine after two days.