Do We Still Need Library?

With almost unlimited acces to the cyberspace knowledge, Do we still need libraries? phones, tablets, computer and other devices makes libarary off the lead and some thinks that libraries are barely used, others argue that they are still a central social spaces that provide vital resources for communities, but we do need libraries. Libraries are obsolete because they act as institutions of remediation. Libraries were either created to fill some deficit in existing institutions, or over the years have adopted the role of remedying some deficit in the community.

Library - Students 4 Best Evidence

They are the safe and trusted spaces in every community where we have free access not just to books, information, experiences and ideas but to the expert professional advice and support which we all need to help us find the resources we want and to use them effectively. Libraries are way more than books, they are vibrant community centers with programs and activities full of life, discovery, and excitement. Today’s libraries are places people are engaging and learning about new technology from 3D printers and virtual reality to coding and robotics. In addition to this discovery and excitement libraries are a resource for finding employment, obtaining new skills, and yes still a great place to find a good book. Regular visitors to libraries expect them to continue to provide the services they have provided for many years. And rightly so — the ‘traditional’ library of books, journals and quiet reading spaces shouldn’t just disappear. But libraries also need to respond quickly to real changes in how people live their lives. The library has been one of my favorite places in the world ever since I first sat cross-legged on the floor, turning pages of picture books in the children’s department of Morrison-Reeves Library. My dream of writing a book first sparked to life in the library. libraries must continue to strengthen their role as mainstay. One must visit library to experience the peace around books. Which i believe is very important, nowadays we are so into other devices that we don’t feel the importance of books. Keep alive the book culture.

By-Monalisa Gogoi