Fall Fashion For Pandemic 2020


The Coronavirus made women think about many aspects of their lives- Fall fashion might look a little different in 2020 as compared to most years, COVID-19 has altered the ways many people now live, as people are doing more online shopping due to COVID-19 which have strained the local markets. Many of you likely spent the spring and summer of 2020 in sweatpants, if any pants at all. Medical masks did a lot of framing the windows to the soul and, in the brave new world of video conferencing, human interaction became a primarily waist-up situation. 

Shopping Malls Face Their Coronavirus Reckoning - Bloomberg

By now, some of us may be itching to dress up again, some of us desire the power of a pressed suit, and some of us have been proudly sporting uniforms this whole time, meriting deep gratitude from those of us who may have outgrown our entire wardrobes. However you’ve experienced 2020 so far, and it is clear that the face of fashion, like the face of our nation, is fated to shift and change. Here’s the direction I’d like to see it go in.

An Inside Look At Making Clothes In An American Factory | Here & Now

The fashion sector is proving to be one of the hardest hit as a result of the coronavirus pandemic, with millions of jobs likely to be lost and thousands of companies facing a fight to stay afloat. Support from governments to support furloughed employees is offering only temporary respite. Businesses are struggling to cling on in the hope of a bounceback in the autumn, but Asia’s uneasy move towards normality offers a glimmer of light.