How Pediatricians in pandemic delineating a huge decrease in common illnesses among kids

Do you really think that the common illness like flu, cough, stomach ache, or infection is gone? Certainly, but pediatricians are seeing a huge decrease in regular illnesses in children. With safety measures in place to prevent COVID-19, pediatricians can see the calmer respiratory season. The professionals actually explaining to the parents what they should pay attention to most in their kids.

Children play a more important role in the spread of Covid-19

The seasonal common illnesses are comparatively low in this pandemic, but while common respiratory illnesses in kids may be down, experts remind parents they can still contract COVID-19 and more than 1 million have been diagnosed with it. They also say parents should turn their attention to mental health as kids are experiencing more depression and anxiety during the pandemic. Here’s the scoop.

Does the change in child illness rates mean bacteria and viruses have disappeared?

Of course not, it will be a myth if you think like that, but the preventive measures that are taken are making a huge difference and prevent to spread of other illnesses too, like using sanitizer, not going out of the house which is helping the environment to take a break and resulting in less pollution, not meeting people, not playing together on playgrounds, and sports being limited and socially distanced.

WHO Releases Brief on Rare Illness in Children Possibly Linked to the  Coronavirus | National News | US News

The pandemic has led to an increase in mental health issues among kids, but a decrease in common respiratory illnesses, including the flu, colds, and RSV. Experts credit that to practicing safety health measures like hand-washing, social distancing, and mask-wearing. Pediatricians are hopeful that kids may continue to practice these measures even after the pandemic is over leading to fewer illnesses throughout the years to come.