How your weight affects your sex life?

The enjoyment of a heated personal session with your spouse is heavily dependent on how you feel about your body. Your love-making session will appear more intense when you feel confident and sexy about yourself. If you are uneasy, you may not be able to appreciate it fully. However, this is not the only manner in which your body weight influences your sexual life. Being overweight is connected with a variety of health issues, some of which might interfere with your sexual urge. Storing those excess fats in the body may contribute to decreased sex drive in both men and women for a variety of reasons.

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Several studies have highlighted how being overweight and obese impacts your sex life, right from leading to erectile dysfunction to low libido. However, this might not be the case with everyone. If you are facing no difficulty, well and good, else it is recommended to consult your doctor to know more about it. Here are ways your weight can affect your sex life.


It may lower sex drive

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Both overweight men and women have less desire to get intimate. Obesity lowers the level of testosterone, which is crucial for sexual function. A higher level of body fat means that the person will have a higher level of a chemical called Sex Hormone Binding Globulin or SHBG. This hormone binds to the sex hormone testosterone and reduces the desire in both men and women to get intimate.



It may decrease the pleasure

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Just like men, high levels of cholesterol and insulin resistance may lead to the blockage of vessels in the clitoris of women. This, in turn, can reduce the blood flow to the vagina. Lower the flow of blood in the sensitive area of the vagina means lower pleasure during the intimate session and harder to get orgasm.



It may be harder to get an erection

Diabetes and Erectile Dysfunction

Most overweight men suffer from the problem of erectile dysfunction, which is a chronic condition. Some even if manage to get hard find it difficult to keep the erection for a long time. It mainly happens due to high cholesterol levels and insulin resistance accompanied by obesity. Both these conditions cause the arteries in the penis to shut down making it harder to get the erection.



It may limit your position

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A satisfying intimate session is all about experimenting with your position to know what you and your partner like. Your body weight can directly influence this and limit your choices. People who are physically fit are more able to experiment with their position to pursue their pleasures. There is always a risk of injury and physical limitations in the bedroom when you are not that flexible.



‚ÄčIt may feel like a task

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Intimate sex helps to feel connected with your partner and provides you with a satisfying experience. However, if you or your partner is not comfortable with your appearance, you may not be able to enjoy the moment. The focus would be entirely on pleasing the other person. It would also make the intimate session more like a task than an opportunity to connect with your partner.