Is Removing Body Hair Really A Choice For Women?

By- Monalisa Gogoi


“Women’s Body Hair Really Is The Last Taboo?”

We explore the origins of shaming women for their body hair, and how body hair removal became a ‘necessity’ for women. Women’s hair is apparently seen as either too ridiculous and trivial too monstrous, not to be discussed at all and in this sense, truly configured as a taboo, something not to be mentioned which is prohibited and circumscribed by rules of avoidance.
There’s still a stigma surrounding women and femme-identified folks who don’t shave & ditched razors and had embraced their body hair they are in love with their natural parts.

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Here why I think we women should love our body hair:

It makes me feel beautiful, feminine, and strong

I stopped removing my body hair, I didn’t mind the hair at all! Which made me realize I had been shaving because I felt pressured to. Occasionally people will make comments to pressure me to shave, but I haven’t allowed it to influence me. I love my body hair and myself as I am. It makes me feel beautiful, feminine, and strong.

Feel liberated and more confident about yourself

According to me, nothing is better than to be yourself, when you go around people and everybody notices you but you feel nothing because you know you are real and confident about your own body parts hair, and everything.

It helps me feel sexier and more alive

It makes me feel so me… like I’m not trying to be somebody else. I feel sexier, more alive, and more confident in my skin than I did before when I was trying to box myself into society’s expectations by shaving, waxing, etc.

Because it’s my choice

My body hair simply is. And, for me, that’s the point: existing in my body, proudly. Whether I leave my hair be or get rid of it entirely, it’s my choice. Having it, not having it, that doesn’t change how I feel about my self-worth. Ultimately I care more about that than unrelentingly strict beauty standards