NANGELI – The woman who cut off her breasts

This is the tale of Nangeli, a woman who chopped her breasts to protest a discriminatory breast tax or mulakaram, the kingdom of Travancore imposed a breast tax on lower-caste Hindu women who wished to conceal their breasts, and the fee was calculated based on the size of the breasts. Covering your breasts could be said to be a sign of respect. A privilege that lower caste women do not have, a woman named Angeli rebelled against this harassment by cutting off her breasts and displaying them on a leaf, which was a bold act for a lower caste woman in the 1900s. Angeli died as a result of excessive blood loss, and her husband committed suicide by jumping into her funeral pyre. Nangeli’s act was selfless, a sacrifice for all the women of Travancore that eventually pushed the king to roll back the breast tAx, unfortunately, nangeli’s story is a village tale that is not officially recognized in any of India’s ancient chronicles.

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