Sex Survey : Indians on Open relationship and Polyamory


Kavya*, 29, from Guwahati, has been in an open relationship for 8 years. Kavya and her college boyfriend, who were in a committed relationship, decided that being with other people was the best way to deal with the rigors of a long-distance relationship. now

“Long-distance relationships are difficult. Many might say that if new people are always pouring in via the revolving door, how can you trust each other? Some may even question if we love each other. However, we view it as a way to keep our relationship alive. Getting intimate with other individuals is nothing more than sex…a physical yearning for us.

“We value “emotional fidelity” and that is the benchmark of our relationship now.


Have been together for a decade and handled all our ups and downs. Now Also, we would be in trouble only if either of us develops a bond with someone else outside of that physical intimacy. But every other person who enters our lives knows what they are signing up for. We are honest and transparent right from the get-go!” now

Open relationships and polyamory have become topics of discussion on college campuses, Reddit discussions, and even therapy sessions.

Now Simply said, if a committed couple is in an open relationship, each is free to explore sexual encounters outside of the partnership. Polyamory, on the other hand, allows partners to participate in many sexual relationships with the approval of all parties involved. However, there is a lot of shame and taboo around these ideas. Any mention of several partners at a wedding celebration is considered a “cardinal sin” in some cultures. Rahul and Anjali (names altered) of Jorhat (Assam) believe that people should not be criticized for their choices. now

Rahul agrees, “Love is love. Being with multiple partners is a personal choice. Why should it affect the love and feelings that we already have for the people we are with?” now

Many people are talking about these issues on Facebook groups like Polyamory India, Guwahati Polyamory, and Egalitarian Non-Monogamy. Skore is pushing them to “#UnCondom” and celebrate the notion of ethical, consensual, and non-monogamous safe sex in solidarity with these groups, but with the greater goal of encouraging responsible conduct. But what exactly does #UnCondom mean? Is it about having sex without the use of a condom? Or should I use a condom?