Unexpected Health Advantages Of Orgasms

Orgasms aren’t talked about as often as smoothies around here, but let’s face it, they’re just as thrilling and nutritious. I’ve always felt that sex is really essential when it comes to wellbeing, but did you realize there’s a lot of science going on between the sheets?!

Yes, many fortunate individuals are researching the benefits of sex and the horizontal mambo, and knowing that there is research encouraging a roll in the hay is fantastic for the entire human species. There are several components to a successful romp (ha! ), but today I’m concentrating on what we know about orgasms.

Proof Orgasms are Good for You

How Orgasms Keep Your Skin Healthy, Clear, and Glowing


Orgasms may aid in the quicker healing of a cold. This isn’t a joke. Men who masturbated had greater amounts of adrenaline and prolactin, as well as a higher number of leukocytes, according to German research. Translation: if they spend more time alone, they’ll require fewer tissues for the sniffles…

So, the next time you take a sick day, try to spend some of it awake and alert in order to go back to work sooner. You’ll most likely be spending that day in bed anyhow, so make the most of it.

Another interesting orgasm fact? Orgasms have been shown to be beneficial to the brain in studies. Scientists at Rutgers University connected women up to MRI equipment as they masturbated to investigate blood flow to the brain. They discovered that blood not only flows to the nether regions but also to the brain, flooding it with nutrients and oxygen.

Orgasms can help lower the risk of prostate cancer in older men:

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According to decade-long research published in the British Journal of Urology International, ejaculating at least four times per week can reduce a man’s risk of prostate cancer by up to 30 percent in men over 50.

They can help regulate your menstrual cycle:

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Regular orgasms can also help regulate your menstrual cycle.

They can also help boost fertility:

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“Sexual activity induces physiological changes in the body that enhance a woman’s chances of getting pregnant, even outside the window of ovulation,” they discovered, implying that orgasms can help you get pregnant at any time in your cycle.

Orgasms can help during the dreaded cold and flu season, too:

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The simplest technique to avoid catching a cold, white blood cells that help defend the body from sickness and infectious disease, after sexual stimulation and subsequent masturbation to climax.

They can also increase your threshold for pain and help alleviate pain:

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Whether you’re suffering from period cramps or a persistent headache, an orgasm can put you on the road to feeling better. There is a link between sexual activity and headaches and migraines.

Orgasms can help keep your brain sharp:

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The torrent of hormones produced during an orgasm sends a slew of messages throughout your body, boosting brain activity in women in particular. Orgasm during masturbation caused the cortex, subcortical, and brainstem areas of women’s brains to light up.

Your stress levels will be reduced:

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Despite the fact that orgasm releases a torrent of stress chemicals, research has shown that the end consequence is lower stress levels.

Regular orgasms can benefit your heart as well:

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Your heart keeps you running, yet you’ve probably never associated a steady beating with the letter ‘O.’ Regular sexual activity.

Orgasms can help boost your self-esteem:

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It makes obvious that you’d have greater self-esteem if you’re in tune with your sexual wants and desires, but there’s a documented relationship between sexual health and self-esteem.