Bombay HC notified on crowdfunding for treatment of rare diseases

The Kerala High Court ruled on Friday that “Tom, Dick, and Harry” are not allowed to solicit donations in this manner. The high court expressed worry that every “Tom, Dick, and Harry” was raising cash for the treatment of children with rare diseases through crowdfunding, and questioned the state administration if it had any control over such transactions.

The court, according to Justice P B Suresh Kumar, does not want to stop the crowdfunding process, but rather wants the money to go to the government rather than to some private persons who may or may not provide it to those who need it. I do not want every Tom, Dick and Harry to collect money. Is there any state control over this collection of funds via crowdfunding? We should know where the money is going,” the court said.

“I do not want to interdict the process of crowdfunding, but I want government control over it,” Justice Kumar said during the hearing of an autorickshaw driver’s plea seeking free treatment for his six-month old infant son who is suffering from spinal muscular atrophy (SMA) as the medicine for it costs around ₹18 crore and he has no means to raise that kind of money.