Congress slams PM Modi over his celebration of 100 million vaccine doses

PM Modi being chastisesd by Congress

The Congress began slamming the Centre over the fanfare surrounding the milestone soon after PM Modi addressed the nation as a mark of celebration of crossing 100 crore vaccinations.

Shashi Tharoor, a Congress member, tweeted a cartoon celebrating the achievement of 1 billion vaccine doses. “The day after 1 billion….A reminder!” he wrote in his tweet.

The cartoon in the tweet depicts a common man buckling under the weight of the pandemic, rising fuel prices, and inflation, with Prime Minister Modi perched atop the heap.

Meanwhile, Siddaramaiah, the leader of the Karnataka Congress, issued a series of tweets, saying, “1 billion doses” sounds like a big number, but the devil is in the details. Only 29 crore people out of 139 crore have received all of their vaccines, implying that only about 21% have received all of their vaccines. “For what are BJP leaders rejoicing?”

“For only vaccinating 21% of the population?” Only 29 crore people have received two doses of vaccine, while 42 crore have received one dose, leaving 62 crore without a single dose,” Siddaramaiah said.

“India still needs about 106 crore doses to fully vaccinate the target by December 31st,” Siddaramaiah continued. This means that 1.51 doses must be given every day.”

Manish Tewari, a Congress leader, also took to Twitter to criticise PM Modi. “PM has an interesting method of operation,” he said. He goes MIA when it comes to taking responsibility for failures, such as criminal negligence during the second wave of COVID -19. (MISSING IN ACTION). However, when it comes to taking credit, he is the first to take the stand.”

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