Incredible! Telengana man convert petrol engine to E-bike

An electronic products specialist from Jangaon, Telengana, came up with a novel way to cut down on his commute costs. Kurapati Vidyasagar converted his motorcycle from a petrol engine to an electric one by adding a converter and batteries.

Vidyasagar struggled to meet the requirements of his family during the lockdown, which was already straining to make ends meet. Then came the shock of rising fuel prices. He was on the verge of closing his mending shop because he couldn’t afford the two litres of gasoline he needed every day to respond to calls from clients all across town.

He required to travel to his repairing centre from his and back twice everyday, besides riding to the locations where clients live or work. This is when he came up with a concept that helped him transform hardship into opportunity. Vidyasagar managed to save up enough money to buy a gadget that could turn his bike into an electric vehicle.