Karnataka Congress deletes tweet against PM Modi, puts blame on ‘novice social media manager’

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After a bitter political slugfest, the Karnataka Congress has now deleted an insulting tweet directed at Prime Minister Narendra Modi, blaming the “uncivil tweet” on a “novice social media manager.”

It should be noted that the Congress of Karnataka has attacked Prime Minister Modi, calling him “angootha-chhaap,” or illiterate.

“The Congress built schools, but Modi never attended any of them.” Even though the Congress set up programmes for adults to learn, Modi did not participate. People who chose to beg for a living despite the fact that it was illegal to do so are now encouraging citizens to do so. The Congress of Karnataka said in a Kannada tweet that the country is suffering because of “#angoothachhaap modi.” The tweet has since been deleted.

Many interpreted the controversial tweet as a personal attack on the Prime Minister, sparking a war of words between the Congress and the BJP.

“Only the Congress could stoop so low,” BJP Karnataka spokesperson Malavika Avinash responded.
She went on to say that the remark was unworthy of a response.

Karnataka Congress spokesperson Lavanya Ballal admitted that the tone of the tweet was “unfortunate” and that an investigation would be conducted. She did not, however, see any reason to retract or apologise for the tweet.

The controversial tweet labelling Prime Minister Narendra Modi as a “angootha-chhaap” or illiterate was deleted by the Congress of Karnataka a few hours later. It also expressed regret for a “uncivil tweet” sent out by a “novice social media manager.”

DK Shivakumar, the Karnataka Congress chief, withdrew the controversial post last night, admitting that it did not meet the standards of “civil and parliamentary language” in political discourse.

“Civil and parliamentary language has always been a non-negotiable requirement for political discourse in my opinion.

A novice social media manager’s uncivil tweet sent from the Karnataka Congress’ official Twitter handle has been regretted and withdrawn “Shivakumar sent out a tweet.


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