Modi’s vision for India: unprecedented growth & development

In a bold proclamation during his third term in power, Prime Minister Narendra Modi vowed to lead India towards an unprecedented era of growth and development. His vision includes propelling the nation to one of the top three spots on the global stage. Addressing the audience at Delhi’s revamped Pragati Maidan, PM Modi emphasized India’s remarkable progress in infrastructure and economic growth, painting a promising picture of the country’s future.

The Prime Minister stressed that the country’s economic growth would be in sync with its soaring aspirations. Reflecting on his past terms, PM Modi recounted India’s journey from the 10th spot in the global economy during his first term to becoming the world’s fifth-largest economy in his second term. He vowed to secure a place among the world’s top three economies in his current tenure, exuding confidence in achieving this milestone.

The International Exhibition-cum-Convention Centre, now christened “Bharat Mandapam,” served as the backdrop for PM Modi’s ambitious vision. In preparation for next year’s general election, he drew comparisons between the growth achieved in the last nine years and the cumulative progress since India’s Independence. The venue itself stands as a testament to India’s evolving profile on the global stage.

PM Modi underscored his government’s achievements in infrastructure development. Over the last nine years, they surpassed the milestones set by the previous six decades since Independence. Electrification of rail lines witnessed a remarkable surge, with his government managing to cover 40,000 km, twice the distance achieved in the past 60 years. Additionally, the completion of 6 km of metro lines per month and the expansion of village roads showcased India’s commitment to modernization.

He proudly announced that Delhi airport’s annual capacity increased from 5 crore to 7.5 crore passengers, reflecting the surging demand for air travel. Furthermore, the number of airports in the country reached an impressive milestone, soaring to 150 and boosting India’s connectivity both domestically and internationally.

Taking a swipe at the opposition, PM Modi accused “negative-minded” individuals of attempting to halt the progress of Bharat Mandapam. He expressed confidence that those very people would eventually come to the venue for lectures and events, acknowledging the positive impact the center will have on the nation.