New Zealand YouTuber marked by Indian govt & barred him for entering India

Karl Rock, a YouTuber who goes by the moniker Karl Edward Rice, claims that the Indian government has blacklisted him and barred him from entering the nation. His wife, an Indian national who resides in the city, has challenged the ruling in the Delhi High Court. Karl is a YouTuber who shares travel tips for foreigners visiting India. He is originally from New Zealand.

He stated in a YouTube video titled “Why I haven’t seen my wife in 269 days” that he had been separated from his wife and in-laws because the Indian government had banned him.

For breaching the terms and conditions of his visa, the New Zealand national has been barred from visiting India till next year, according to authorities from the Union Home Ministry. “He was on a tourist visa but doing business,” an officer explained.

Karl had scrupulously followed the rules of the nation and the terms of his visa, according to the court petition, and there had been no complaints against him. Following his marriage, he was granted an X-2 visa, which was valid until 2024 and was intended for spouses and children of Indian nationals. One of the visa’s requirements was that he leave India every 180 days or notify the authorities.