SC rejects Centre’s request to postpone 1st NDA exam for women


The Supreme Court has rejected the Centre’s request to postpone the first NDA exam for women candidates until next year, and has ordered that women be allowed to take the exam on November 14. “We don’t want women to be denied their right,” the Supreme Court said of the induction of women into the NDA. “Needful be done by defence department in collaboration with UPSC.”

Deferring women’s entry “won’t send the right signal to women after having given them the aspiration…begin let’s this year,” the Supreme Court reportedly said.

Earlier this year, the Supreme Court issued a landmark decision allowing women to take the National Defense Academy (NDA) exam, which is scheduled for September this year. The apex court stated in its order that admissions will be subject to the court’s final orders. The Indian Army was also heavily chastised by the Supreme Court for not allowing women to participate in NDA exams, Sainik Schools, and other military institutions.

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