134 diagnostic tests for free at district level under new healthcare mission, says Mandaviya

134 types of diagnostic tests will be offered for free at the district level

Health Minister Mansukh Mandaviya on Tuesday outlined the newly launched flagship PM Ayushman Bharat Health Infrastructure Mission and said that more than 134 types of diagnostic tests will be offered for free at the district level under the programme by 2025.

According to the health ministry’s plan, 14 tests will be made available at sub-health centres; 63 tests at the primary health centres; 97 tests at the community health centre and and 134 tests will be available at the district hospital level.

Th mission was announced in Budget 2021-22 – with an outlay of ?64,180 crore. On Monday, Prime Minister Narendra Modi rolled out the new mission at a public meeting in Varanasi.

“…134 different types of tests will be done for free at the district level which will not only save costs but also reduce unnecessary inconvenience for poor people. Secondly, for the first time in Asia, two container-based hospitals with comprehensive medical facilities will be kept ready at all times which can be swiftly mobilized by rail or air to respond to any calamity or disaster in the country,” Mandaviya said.

The health ministry said that at the district level, integrated public health labs will be set up in all 730 districts. “At state level, five regional branches and 20 Metropolitan units of National Centre for Disease Control. And at the national level, Integrated Health Information Platform (IHIP) will be established,” the ministry said.

It said the second component of the mission is the creation of comprehensive diagnostics and treatment facilities. “At the district level, 17,788 New Rural Health and Wellness Centres will be set up; 11,024 New Urban Health and Wellness Centres will be set up; a critical care Hospital Blocks will be established in 602 districts, with population of more than 5 lakh,” the ministry said.

The third component of the mission will be on comprehensive pandemic research, the health ministry highlighted. “At the district level, strengthening of existing 80 Viral Diagnostics and Research Labs will be undertaken. At the state level, 15 New Bio-Safety Level III laboratories will be operationalized,” it said.

It further highlighted that at the national level, four new Regional National Institutes for Virology will be operationalised; and the Regional Research Platform (Digital) for WHO southeast Asia region will also be set up.

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