Why do People think animated movies are only for kids?

If you’re adult enough to be in high school, there’s a good chance an adult has asked you this question before. The attitude that question carries with it is demeaning and judgmental, but the simplest way to express it is bullshit.

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For whatever reason, some adults don’t get the fascination with animation, and they feel the need to approach others for liking it. Watching cartoons is only ok if you watch it with kids who belong to a more fitting age group. Maybe it’s only ok to watch Disney and Pixar movies, but you can’t like anime or anything on Cartoon Network. Or perhaps shows like The Simpsons or Family Guy are all that’s ok because they have adult jokes in them.

Although, just because people despise those of us who enjoy animation of all kinds doesn’t mean we have to take it. And if you ever find yourself being harassed for watching “kid’s shows,” then you must know where your switch-off mode for bullshit is.

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Of course, it’s of no doubt that Animation is a work of art, If someone asks you that what is the most fun thing that adults and kids can do it together, and here is the answer that ( animation is definitely at the top )

The world is a tough place to breathe in now, and listing worries of daily work is another trama for adults, though TV can often be an escape from all the bad things in the world, animation is a better one.

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I think the biggest issue most animation haters have is that they’ve unusually been shown to stories for adults. But in reality think the biggest problem most animation haters (or perhaps misunderstanders, if I may make up a word) have is that they’ve rarely been exposed to stories for adults. No doubt they’ve heard of The Simpsons or Family Guy, but if they’re not into comedies they’re left to assume the rest is just childish-silliness. In reality, there is a vast collection of animation that is specifically for adults who like serious stories about serious things. There is an animated story out there for everyone.