CM Khandu Pays tribute to Late Taro Chatung

Arunachal Pradesh Chief Minister on Monday paid his hearty tribute to Late Taro Chatung, dubbed as the pioneer of electronic media in the state, on his first death anniversary. He died due to a prolonged illness at the age of 57 and is survived by his wife, three sons and a daughter.

CM Khandu writes, “Remembering the pioneer of electronic journalism in Arunachal Pradesh- the inimitable Late Taro Chatung on his first death anniversary.”

Late Chatung is hailed as a man of immense historical and political knowledge of the state. He was grounded, sincere, straightforward, honest and witty person. He always had a good relationship with all sections of society and has been associated with several important issues of the state. What made him stand out from other journalists was his extreme love and dedication for his chosen profession. He could go to any extent to extract the truth and present it before the public.

The veteran journalist despite landing up with a prestigious government job chose media as his profession and became its pioneer in the state. He followed his passion and became one of the firsts to direct and produce a full-length feature film in Hindi. He is remembered by the people of the state through his mouthpiece ‘News and  views’ which broke all records in terms of viewership and which is why he is referred to as the “Father of the electronic media” in the state.