DCM Jishnu Dev: Open Burning of Waste Materials Banned in Tripura


Tripura Deputy chief minister Jishnu Dev Varma informed that burning of waste materials and other residuals has been banned completely in the State to protect the quality of air. 

He said that the government is encouraging use of alternative energy sources in the transport sector to curb emission of pollutants in the air.  

Replying queries of CPI-M MLA Narayan Chowdhury pertaining to a recent report that showed Agartala and Guwahati as cities with high level of air pollution in North East, the Tripura deputy CM said: “An action plan has been drafted and accordingly remedial measures are being taken.” 

“Ambient Air Quality stations have been set up in multiple locations that give real time readings on the air quality,” he said. “The government is also encouraging people to rely on CNG or electricity run vehicles instead of traditional conveyance methods,” he added.

It is to be mentioned that burning of material also causes serious respiratory problems and are even carcinogenic.

PM or Particulate matter refers to all solid and liquid particles suspended in air many of which are hazardous. They are differentiated on the basis of their size.

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