Russia Sees no Issue With S-400 Missile Supply To India Amidst Sanctions


Russian Ambassador-designate to India Denis Alipov on Wednesday said that the US is a dictator in velvet gloves, adding that it only aspires for global prominence under the guise of democracy and freedom.

Mr Alipov said, “The US only wants global prominence in the guise of democracy, freedom and rules-based international order– the very rules it formulates under the pretence of consulting partners and allies.”

“Those who fall out of the US’ line cease to become partners and become foes. It’s like black and white. There’s no in-between, no shades of grey. This is dictatorship in velvet gloves,” he added.

Mr Alipov said that Russia is being accused of waging a war, while war has been going on in Ukraine for eight years now, alleging that there has been massive shelling of residential areas in Donbas by Ukrainian forces and Russia haters for years.

He also thanked India for its unbiased and neutral position concerning the whole conflict and assured Russia’s support in the evacuation of Indian nationals stranded in Ukraine.

“We are strategic allies with India. We are grateful to India for its balanced position displayed at the UN. India understands the depth of this crisis,” he said.

Speaking on the impact of sanctions against Russia on its defence deal with India, primarily on the S-400 missile system supply, the Russian Ambassador-designate said, “Don’t foresee any obstacles as far as S-400 supply to India is concerned, have routes to continue with this deal unobstructed. Sanctions – old or new, do not interfere in any way.”

Meanwhile, Mr Alipov also consoled the demise of an Indian national in Kharkiv and assured to launch an investigation into the matter.


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