Bihar Records 53.5 per cent Voter Turnout in Phase II Polls

In the Second Phase of the Assembly Elections, Bihar recorded 53.5 per cent voter turnout for the polls, the election commission said in a briefing on Tuesday. The poll body said that by and large, the polling process remained peaceful. The combined voter turnout in both phase 1 and phase 2 was recorded at 53.79 per cent till 17:00 hours, the commission said.

Apart from Bihar, elections were being conducted in 10 other states. Chhattisgarh recorded voter turnout of 71.99 per cent, Gujarat 57.98 per cent, Haryana 68 per cent, Jharkhand 62.51 per cent, Karnataka 51.3 per cent, Madhya Pradesh 66.37 per cent, Nagaland 83.69 per cent, Odisha 68.08 per cent, Telangana 81.44 per cent and Uttar Pradesh 51.57 per cent.

The Election Commission said the figures were real time data and subjected to change, as the voting had not ended till the filing of it.