Brazil: 94 people killed in Rio de Janeiro due to heavy rain and landslides

94 people

Heavy rains and subsequent landslides killed at least 94 people in the Brazilian town of Petropolis, north of Rio de Janeiro, according to media reports on Thursday.

According to media reports, there were approximately 80 fatalities, according to Sputnik News Agency. The disaster claimed the lives of 54 people and destroyed 54 homes.

According to the Russian News Agency, the civil defence service rescued 24 people, while 35 others are still missing.

On Tuesday, Brazil was hit by heavy rains, resulting in landslides and flooding. According to Sputnik, Brazilian President Jair Bolsonaro has directed his ministers to assist flood victims in Petropolis.

Further, search and rescue crews have been digging the mud out for the survivors, with Brazil’s National Civil Defence claiming on Twitter that 24 people have been retrieved alive so far, with 94 fatalities confirmed. Social media video footages have also depicted the considerable destruction and automobiles floating across the streets.

The pouring water has been estimated to have ruined 80 homes in one of the worst-affected areas. On Wednesday, some roadways remained impassable as automobiles and household belongings piled up, limiting access to the city’s upper areas, The Guardian reported.

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