Trump removes Sudan from State Sponsors of Terror list

US President Donald Trump on Monday announced that he intends to lift Sudan’s state sponsor of terrorism designation. The decision came after Sudan accepted a proposal to pay $335 million in settlement for victims of twin bombings against the US Embassies in Tanzania and Kenya in 1998.

Trump’s announcement comes months after the US and Sudan reached a bilateral settlement agreement. The move might help the Sudan government to normalise its relations with Israel, following the Jewish state’s accords this year with Bahrain and United Arab Emirates.

It is to be noted that Sudan is one of the four nations on the U.S. list of state sponsors of terror, along with Iran, North Korea and Syria. The U.S. imposed sanctions on Sudan in 1997, four years after listing the country ruled by then-President Omar al-Bashir as a sponsor of terrorism for sheltering al-Qaeda leader Osama bin Laden and other terror groups.