Arunachal: Army, Locals commemorates ‘Shere Thapa Martyrdom Day’

The Spear Corps of Indian Army, along with locals, commemorated ‘Shere Thapa Martyrdom Day’ to pay solemn tribute to the gallant soldier, Havildar Shere Bhahadur Thapa, who made the Supreme sacrifice while fighting enemy forces in Upper Subansiri district during the 1962 war. The Brave soldier is credited with saving Subansiri Valley by holding off repeated Chinese assaults for over 72 hours, regardless of the danger to his life.

The event was marked by the laying of wreaths by senior most military officers at Shere Thapa Memorial near Limeking Village in Upper Subansiri District of Arunachal Pradesh. Locals, who hold him in highest regard, also turned up in large numbers to pay their respects.

True to his epitaph which reads “Here lies the Indian Army hero who held on till his last breath”, the legend of Havildar Shere Bahadur Thapa continues to be an inspiration for Indian Army and locals alike.