Arunachal: Bailey Bridge over Kamle River on Verge of Collapse for the Third Time 

The Tamen Bailey suspension bridge over Kamle river has been damaged for the third consecutive time after a dumper truck loaded with sand tried to cross it. Meanwhile, no human casualties have been reported. The district administration had reportedly, informed about the re-fixation of the lost nuts and bolts on Thursday last. It had also restricted the plying of Poklane over trucks through the bridge.

In a notice dated 19th June, issued by the Kamle Administration, it is known that the side Base plates of the said bridge have been dislocated posing dangerous threats for vehicular movements. There is also a possibility of occurrence of untoward incidents and human casualties if vehicular movement of even medium to high motor vehicles are allowed.

Therefore, the authorities have prohibited movements of four wheelers vehicles through the bailey suspension bridge unless the Highway Department Okays such movements, the notice said.

The said bridge is strategically important for four-districts namely Kamle, Upper Subansiri, Kra Daadi and Kurung Kumey. It is to be mentioned that the bridge had been recently re-constructed. It is a general perception that the company or the contractor who were assigned the contract work might have compromised the quality of work as the bridge had been damaged for the third time within a half year.