Arunachal Everester Tagit Joins ‘Helping Hands’ to promote Adventure Tourism in Northeast 

Tagit Sorang Abraham, who conquered Mount Everest on May 31, was felicitated by Helping Hands (HH)’s president IPS Robin Hibu at New Delhi on Friday night for achieving such great feat.

Terming him as ‘epitome of indomitable spirit’, Hibu said that though he hails from Pipsorang village under Kra-Daadi district, last Indian village near Tibet border in Arunachal Pradesh, he inked history not only as youngest Everester but by also hoisting the national tricolour, Arunachal state and HH insignias at Mount Everest.

Tagit, who was offered traditional NE cuisine, joined HH as a member. He is committed to join hands with the NGO working for needy NE people in cities across India and Hibu welcomed him. He wishes to promote healthy and adventurous NE, Arunachal in particular, by setting up North East Adventure Institute to groom future Everest climbers besides woo adventurous tourists to Arunachal.

While appreciating his milestone, Hibu advised him to be a role model to promote adventurous life being an example as to how he struggled from his remote village without road, electricity and water to climb the highest peak of the world (29,028 feet) while remaining fit. This indomitable spirit is a message for the present younger generation, said Hibu who saluted him for his courage and mental strength.