Arunachal: Former MLA’s Son Admits to Killing his Pregnant Wife

The horrifying case which has sent shockwaves as a first of its kind in the history of Arunachal Pradesh, has been solved by the state Police. The prime accused in the case Roni Leshi, has finally admitted that he meticulously pre-planned the murder of his own wife and unborn child. The master mind behind the gruesome murder of his wife Techi Meena Lishi, 36, admitted to his guilt after prolonged interrogation.

Meena’s death in a car accident on NH-415 in a sinking zone in between Nirjuli to Banderdewa on November 5 last had sent a shock wave across Arunachal Pradesh, but Capital Police under the supervision of IGP (law & order) Chukhu Apa had solved the case and brought all guilty to book within eight days.

The Arunachal Pradesh Women’s Welfare Society (APWWS) lauded the major breakthrough made by the Itanagar Capital Region SP and his team, under the guidance of IGP (Crime) Chukhu Apa, who solved the murder and arrested those involved in the recent double murder case in which a pregnant woman and her unborn child were brutally murdered by goons at the behest of her husband.