Arunachal: Tiger spotted in Namdapha National Park


Arunachal’s Namdapha National Park and Tiger Reserve in Changlang District witnessed Tiger for the first time after eight years.

A team of researchers from the environment, forest, and climate change department set up camera traps in the park after they came across pugmarks. When the team went to check the camera on Wednesday, they were pleasantly surprised to find a tiger in it.

The team, consisting of Research Officer Tajum Yomcha, field biologist Mayur Variya, camera technician Atum Rumdo and other forest officials, had set the camera traps in the first week of this month.

It is to be mentioned that the diverse vegetation and habitats of Namdapha grooms diverse species of animals and birds. 

It is only park in the World to have the four Feline species of big cat namely the Tiger (Panthera Tigris), Leopard (Panthera Pardus), Snow Leopard (Panthera Uncia) and Clouded Leopard (Neofelis Nebulosa) and numbers of Lesser cats. 

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