DC orders closure of schools to control Conjunctivitis outbreak

In response to the recent outbreak of conjunctivitis in various schools within the Capital Itanagar jurisdiction, the Office of the Deputy Commissioner has taken swift action to protect the health and well-being of students and residents. As a preventive measure, all Government and Private Schools from Nursery to Class-VIII in the region will be temporarily suspended from July 25th to July 29th, 2023. Similar measures have been implemented in Longding district and West Siang district to contain the spread of the infection.

The District Medical Officer of Itanagar Capital Complex, Naharlagun, issued a report highlighting the alarming increase in Conjunctivitis cases across various schools in the Capital Itanagar area over the last five days. The Deputy Commissioner’s office acted promptly upon receiving this report, as the disease was found to be highly contagious and spreading rapidly regardless of age groups.

In light of the urgency to prevent further transmission of the infection among students and residents of Capital Itanagar, the District administration has decided to implement an immediate suspension of all Government and Private Schools from Nursery to Class-VIII. The suspension will be effective from July 25th to July 29th, 2023. This measure aims to break the chain of transmission and protect the health of the entire community.

The impact of the conjunctivitis outbreak is not confined to Capital Itanagar alone. Authorities in Longding district have also taken preventive measures by ordering a temporary closure of schools in the Kanubari sub-division until July 29th, 2023. Additionally, in Tirap district, school children displaying signs of eye infections will not be allowed to attend classes.

Reports of suspected conjunctivitis outbreak have also emerged in West Siang district. Officials are closely monitoring the situation to assess the severity of the situation and to take necessary actions to safeguard public health.

The authorities are urging all residents to remain vigilant and report any symptoms of conjunctivitis promptly. By implementing these preventive measures, the district administrations aim to control the spread of the infection and ensure the safety and well-being of the entire community. Regular updates and guidelines will be provided to the public during this period to address any concerns and ensure a swift return to normalcy once the situation is under control.