Flash-floods Kills two in Lepa Rada District of Arunachal Pradesh

Flashflood triggered by heavy rainfall have killed at least two in the Dari Circle of Lepa Rada District in Arunachal Pradesh

Chief Minister Pema Khandu expressed his grief over the reported loss of lives and property caused by the massive rain-triggered flashfloods & landslides that occured in the Lepa Rada District of Arunachal Pradesh.

The CM condoled the deaths of Bato Doye and Purna Bahadur Thakuria, who were reportedly washed away by the sudden flood in the Dari Circle of Lepa Rada District at Ego Camp.

The sudden flood occured due to the blockade of the river upstream by a massive landslide. As the Ego bridge that connects Likabali with Lepa Rada District has been washed away in the gushing river water, the commuters are advised to avoid the Likabali-Aalo road till an alternative is put in place.

The Government will soon assess the damages to public property, paddy fields and other utility services in all the three districts including West Siang, Siang and East Siang, to offer relief.