MP Gao Urges Centre to Rescue Arunachal Man Abducted by PLA in 2015


Arunachal Pradesh’s MP Tapir Gao on Thursday urged the Centre to engage all its agencies to bring back Tapor Pullom, who is believed to have been abducted by China’s People Liberation Army (PLA) in September 2015.

Raising the issue in Parliament, MP Gao claimed that Pullom was abducted by the PLA when he was on a hunting and herbs collection expedition along the LAC in Monigong area of Shi-Yomi district.

“This is a tragic story of the Arunachalee family. In September 2015, Tapor Pullom and his friend, when they went to Tajib Bao pass along LAC for hunting and herb collection, Tapor Pullom was abducted by the PLA,” said Gao.

“The family of Tapor Pullom have ran pillar to post, seeking help from the Indian Army for safe return of Pullom but yielded no fruitful result,” he added.

He requested the government of India to put all its efforts through its agencies to bring back Pullom.

It is to be mentioned that in the third week of August 2015, Pullom, along with his friend Taka Yorchi had gone on a hunting expedition near the LAC in Monigong area of Shi-Yomi district.  Yorchi returned home after falling sick, and Pullom was supposed to return on 15 September. However, he never returned.

Pullam’s wife had passed away and his five children are still awaiting his return for the last seven years. The family believes that Pullom was abducted by the PLA and that he is still alive.

It is a common practice of indigenous people living in far-flung border areas of this Himalayan state to go often on hunting missions, collection of eatables and herbs. 

Of the total 3,488 Indo-China border, Arunachal Pradesh shares 1126-km. The Indo-China border is mostly not demarcated and the concrete pillars demarcating the border get hidden by overgrown shrubs making it too challenging to know the exact LAC between both neighbouring nations.


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