Nocte Digest acquires Oldest Assamese, Singpho and Nocte Spelling Book from USA


The first digital copy of a book titled ‘A Spelling Book in English, Assamese, Singpho and Naga (Nocte)’ has been acquired from the Beinecke Rare Books & Manuscript Library of Yale University, Connecticut, USA, by ‘Nocte Digest’, a community-based digital platform.

The book was published in 1839 by American Baptist missionary Miles Bronson, and it is the oldest known written record of Nocte and Singpho languages.

Nocte Digest editor Wangtum H Lowang acquired the book with the help of Prof Stephen Morey of La Trobe University, Australia, Dr Rikken Dockum of Swarthmore College, USA, and Dr Luke Lindemann of Yale University, USA.

The book can be found at ( The book will serve as a window for the Nocte and Singpho tribes to look back at how their ancestors spoke 182 years ago.