People of Jamugurihat welcomes East-West Corridor to Arunachal Pradesh

The proposed double-lane East-West Industrial Corridor Road, which would connect the foothill districts of Seijosa in Pakke-Kessang and Bhalukpong in West Kameng, Arunachal Pradesh, without requiring travelers to travel via Assam, has been hailed, but it is not without its critics.

Due to an objection filed by an environmental activist, the proposed road that would travel through the heart of the Pakke Tiger Reserve (PTR) to connect both districts has been temporarily halted. The involved departments and the state government ultimately approved the building of the 692.70 km long route, which had a complete project report including elevators and tunnels for animal transit.

However, according to sources, an environmental activist named Tana Jorjo Tara, as well as other local RTI activists, have expressed their displeasure with a section of the road that would go through Pakke Tiger Reserve (PTR) before joining Bhalukpung.