Rare Butterfly Species recorded during the Ziro Butterfly Meet

Over 60 butterfly species has been recorded during the 7th edition of the Ziro Butterfly Meet (ZBM), which concluded on Monday at Pange in Lower Subansiri district.

The meet is organized every year to provide nature enthusiasts and Researchers to come together and witness the beautiful creation of nature.

The important species recorded during the three-day meet were extremely rare. Some of these species included Tytlers’ Treebrown (Lethe gemina gafuri), the Bhutan Treebrown (Lethe margaritae) and the Scarce Evening Brown (Cyllogenes janetae fascialata), which are legally protected under Schedule I of the Wildlife Protection Act.

The Tytler’s Treebrown was seen only once in 2010, and the photograph taken then is the only live photographic record in India. It is significant that the species has been seen and photographed for the second time during this meet after 10 years.

Other important findings included the Pale Hockeystick Sailer (Neptis manasa), which is also protected under Schedule I. The Bhutan Glory (Bhutanitis lidderdalii) was another star attraction of the meet. Among the significant recordings under Schedule II were the Pale Green Sailer (Neptis zaida) and the Yellow Owl (Neorina hilda).