Various Dists in Arunachal Face Communication Bottlenecks Due to Incessant Rainfall

Bad Road

Arunachal Pradesh’s Shi-Yomi, West Siang, Leparada and Siang districts are facing acute communication bottlenecks owing to incessant rains in the last few days. The Aalo-Pangin road is totally blocked, and the Aalo-Likabali road is snapped for the last three days.

The only available alternative is the Rumgong-Boleng-Mariyang road via Pasighat. But this route is very long and the road itself is in a bad shape in several stretches, with blockages occurring every now and then, leaving commuters stranded.

The Tata Sumo taxis that start from Itanagar early in the morning reach Aalo by 11 pm or midnight due to the long journey and the road-cutting works that are carried out at night in some places.

The commuters are bracing through tough times during this monsoon. The landslides that occur are massive and take a lot of time to be cleared because of the rains. (DIPRO)