Assam Chief Minister calls for robust mechanism to identify illegal immigrants

Assam Chief Minister Himanta Biswa Sarma has voiced concerns over the increasing influx of illegal immigrants, particularly Rohingyas, into states like Bihar, West Bengal, and Assam, asserting that this unchecked infiltration is significantly altering the demographic landscape of these regions.

During a press conference held during his visit to Nalanda, Bihar, CM Sarma stated, “This is one of the most pressing issues facing our nation today. We are witnessing a continuous inflow of Rohingyas and other illegal immigrants into India, leading to substantial demographic changes in states like West Bengal, Bihar, and Assam. We are the ones experiencing the repercussions of this demographic shift. To address this problem effectively, I believe that a National Register of Citizenship (NRC) will become a necessity at some point. We must confront this issue head-on. I personally advocate for the implementation of NRC in regions like Assam, Bengal, and Bihar to identify and address illegal infiltration. It is imperative to identify and rectify illegal immigration; otherwise, the entire demographic fabric of the eastern states will be transformed.”

CM Sarma expressed his apprehensions about the evolving demographic statistics in the eastern states and emphasized the need for implementing the NRC to identify and address the issue of illegal immigration.

In addition to addressing the immigration concerns, CM Sarma also touched upon the subjects of banning polygamy and the implementation of a Uniform Civil Code (UCC) in the state. He mentioned, “Both the Uttarakhand and Gujarat governments are currently deliberating on the UCC and are in advanced stages of discussion. We can certainly learn from their experiences if they pass such legislation in their assemblies. Regarding the National UCC, I am uncertain about the Government of India’s stance. However, in Assam, we are working on a bill to ban polygamy in the state, with public consultations already conducted. We are in the process of drafting the legislation, and by December, we aim to pass the bill, completely prohibiting polygamy.”

CM Sarma affirmed that the upcoming bill on polygamy in Assam, slated for December, will bring forth stricter laws to combat this social issue and work towards its eradication.