Aaranyak seeks vaccination of forest staff against Covid-19

The state governments of all the northeastern states have been requested by Aaranyak to vaccinate all the frontline forest staff and officials in view of the increasing Covid-19 cases in the region.

Aaranyak is an organization that engages in conserving wildlife of the region.

Bibhab Kr Talukdar, general secretary of Aaranyak said, “No state government in the Northeast has come up with a plan to vaccinate frontline forest staff against the Covid-19 vaccine. They are risking their lives and wellbeing to protect the wildlife”.

“Besides, forest staff in different national parks and wildlife sanctuaries frequently comes into contact with tourists arriving from different places of the country and world. There is every possibility of their getting infected by the Covid -19 virus,” Talukdar said.

“The state governments in different states of the Northeast should immediately take initiatives to vaccinate the forest staff without delay so as to enable them to perform their responsibility diligently,” he further said.