Assam: Bir Raghav Moran Government Model College yet to get Permanent Structure

The Bir Raghav Moran (BRM) Government Model College, Doomdooma, which began its academic year in Doomdooma College’s newly constructed boys’ hostel in Rupaisiding, has yet to get its permanent structure on the parcel of land granted by the government. As a result of the lack of classrooms, the institution now faces the Herculean challenge of housing the incoming batch of first semester students.

Dr. Amarjit Saikia, the principal, claimed that despite the hostel’s capacity of 120 inmates, they welcomed about 400 pupils last year. He has now asked the Doomdooma College management for permission to build two temporary makeshift classrooms in the hostel grounds to accommodate the next batch of approximately the same number of students who are applying online. However, the Doomdooma Campus administration has not only rejected the request, but has also issued a notice to vacate the college hostel by the end of August. As a result, many sensible individuals have raised their eyebrows at this condition of things. Should this be the condition of circumstances at a college that has been designated as a model college by none other than the federal government?