Assam : Distribution of sanitary napkins as flood relief necessity

A notification informed that sanitary napkins have been added into the list of flood relief materials by the Assam Government which will be shared to women and adolescent girls affected by floods and other natural disasters.

Revenue and Disaster Management Department Commissioner and Secretary, M S Manivannan issued the order.

The order targeted the attention of all the district deputy commissioners and sub-divisional officers (civil) stating that, menstrual management during emergencies faced by women and adolescent girls living in flood-affected areas have remained unattended as a relief measure so far.

“It also brings out various cultural, logistical and health issues faced by women and adolescent girls in taking care of their menstrual hygiene needs during floods,” the order stated.

The DCs and SDOs were directed to add sanitary napkins in the list of relief items from GR (Gratuitous Relief) fund, it added.