Assam: Environmentalist Jitu Kalita praises Friend of Tree Uttam Kumar Das

On Friday, Jitu Kalita, the famous environmentalist who originally wrote about Forest Man of India Jadav Payeng, paid a visit to Bongaigaon. He met Uttam Kumar Das, also known as Bongaigaon’s “Friend of Tree.” Jitu Kalita claimed that he went to see Uttam Kumar Das to encourage him and praise him for his environmental efforts.

Uttam Kumar Das had personally planted a large number of trees in the Bongaigaon region. Das, who works for the Indian Railways, was also honoured by the Bongaigaon district government during the Independence Day celebrations. On Friday, Jitu Kalita and Uttam Kumar Das took part in a tree-planting programme at the Bongaigaon Press Club.