Assam woman to contest in Kerala local body polls

Assam’s Munmi Gogoi from Lakhimpur district, is ready to take part in the local polls in Kannur, Kerala under BJP ticket.

Mumni is currently occupied as she is taking stock about various issues the local inhabitants are facing at the moment.

Her Husband is a member of the Irritty panchayat in Kannur, which is a strong support of the Communist Party of India (Marxist).

Gogoi is taking part in the polls to meet the welfare schemes which was declared by the Central Government. She said that the poor people are not benefiting from those schemes as they fail to reach the locals.

The local body polls are scheduled to take place in three phases

From December 8th, the local body polls are scheduled to be held till 14th of the same month in three different phases.

On December 16th the counting of the votes will be done.