Cong protests soaring prices of essential commodities in Assam

In a widespread demonstration held across Assam on Monday, the opposition Congress party voiced its vehement opposition to the surge in prices of essential commodities. Demanding urgent intervention, the party called for action from both the BJP-led state government and the Central government to curb the inflationary trend. Memoranda were formally submitted to the respective district commissioners in Dispur and New Delhi.

Joining the protest in Guwahati, party MLA Jakir Hussain Sikdar highlighted the alarming price rise of various commodities, including petrol, diesel, and medicines. He pointed out the stark difference between the prices during Congress’s governance and the current scenario under the BJP’s rule.

Sikdar emphasized the impact of soaring prices on the common people, stating that the current affordability constraints hinder individuals from purchasing essential items, making it challenging for families to meet their household expenses with their existing income.

The Congress, further, urged the union and state governments to prioritize the welfare of the people and take effective measures to control the escalating commodity prices.