Congress claims BJP is destroying Assam’s social fabric

The BJP is accused of destroying the social fabric of Assam, according to Assam.

All India Congress Committee (AICC) spokesperson Gourav Vallabh said on Saturday, “BJP has been working overtime to destroy the social fabric of Assam”.

“The saffron party during the past five years of its reign in Assam used communal divide as a tool to polarize the voters,” Gourav Vallabh alleged.

Gaurav Vallab alleged that the BJP boasts over its development efforts in Assam, which is the land of Vaishnav saint Srimanta Sankardeva who propagated an inclusive society.

The Congress criticized the BJP-led Assam government stating that the “so-called double-engine” government” has “turned out to be double-CM government with both moving in opposite directions”.

The Congress also alleged: “Out of 36 states and UTs combined, Assam ranked 20th in the Business Reform Action Plan Results 2019 indicating no concrete reforms initiated by the Assam BJP government.”

“As per the 227th Report of the Department-Related Parliamentary Standing Committee on Home Affairs, only 33 paise per capita was allocated for Assam in 2019-20 (Rs.1 crore in total) under the North East Industrial Development Scheme and during 2019, Assam accounted for only 0.73 percent of the large industrial units established in the country,” the Congress further said.